uWebKit for Unity

Important Notice:

We have licensed and supported a Unity WebView for the last 5 years and greatly enjoyed the interaction and use cases provided by our clients. Unfortunately, we have had to make the very difficult decision to discontinue developing and licensing uWebKit. Please see below for more information.

If you have licensed uWebKit3, please contact sales@uwebkit.com referencing your invoice number or transaction ID to receive the final build.

If you are using uWebKit2 and need to reset activations or receive the final build, please contact sales@uwebkit.com referencing your product key.

We greatly appreciate the support of our clients.

Thank you.

Thoughts on the Unity Asset Store (as of June 3rd, 2016)

I’d like to share some experience gained from 5 years of licensing Unity assets both inside and outside the Asset Store, and 20 years of licensing technology in the game industry.

uWebKit was not available on the Asset Store for many reasons. We have licensed and supported uWebKit for 5 years to individuals, AAA publishers, and Enterprise customers. We have had the benefit of knowing who is buying our product and building relationships. The Asset Store does not provide this information. We have also been able to license uWebKit for Enterprise, high volume redistribution, non-commercial and educational usage, kiosk and limited time installment usage, etc. In short, the same kind of flexibility that Unity itself uses to license its products.

The Asset Store does not currently provide tiered pricing depending on Free and Pro usage. Now that Plus and especially Enterprise licensing is in place, I hope they do. In the meantime, AAA and Enterprise customers are being given discounts they don’t need on products which cost less than $100 and in many cases only buy a single license for large teams, not to mention redistributing to millions of end users. That’s a pretty great deal for someone.

There are products which do high volume and/or do not require a great deal of support or updates. That’s great and these hits are generally the promoted success stories, much like Steam and the App Store. Unity’s guidance for “promoting” assets is to submit them for deeply discounted “Madness” sales, for which they still reap a steep cut. The further stipulation of “Do not apply your own discounts or your asset will be removed from consideration for Asset Store sale promotions” turns the deal into a lottery. I think the word Madness fits, though I think the more applicable word is unsustainable, at least for many asset publishers.

The Asset Store’s race to the bottom pricing and lottery sales model can quickly overburden individuals with support including updating to new versions of Unity while supporting deprecated versions. Unity further cuts into the margin by taking a “standard” 30%. I believe this standard was arrived at by copying the App Store which provides games and apps to end users, not developers. Unity assets require a whole other level of support and the general expectation is that all support is or should be free. Asset publishers also get to pay their annual Unity subscription fees, maybe Unity should provide them at least a break on these?

Unity is leveraging the efforts of asset publishers to build the value of their platform, which is fine, unfortunately this is at the expense of a sustainable market. This isn’t some new business model. It works and has been important in solidifying Unity as the dominant platform. As with all things, change will be forced upon the Asset Store. Unfortunately, I don’t see this happening anytime soon. I hope I am proven wrong.

This is an increasing issue for Asset Store users as packages are no longer able to be maintained and thus become either broken by new versions of Unity or are removed from the store entirely.

I understand that this is far from an optimal situation and we have crunched very hard to make a plan which would work on the Asset Store. This is simply not possible in the current Unity climate for our product.

Thanks again,
– Josh Engebretson